Membership Types

Membership Types allow you to define different classes of members.  For each class you can control the types of information you collect on those members.

Even if your group only has one type of member, you should still configure the Membership Type to fit your group's requirements.

Select Membership Type from the Site Configuration menu to go to a screen like the one shown below:

Click Update to change a Membership Type.

This will bring you to the page shown at right.

Membership Type is the name of this type that will be displayed in the choice list when you begin to add a new member.

Description is your description of this membership type.

Default Role is the User Role that will automatically be assigned to members of this type.

Collect Photo determines whether you will allow members of this type to post a photo of themselves.

Collect Date of Birth controls whether the system will allow you to enter date of birth for this type of member.

Collect Spouse Name will allow you to enter a spouse name for this type of member.

Collect Medical/Insurance Information will prompt you for medical form date, health insurance, and allergies.

Emergency Contacts will allow you to enter two emergency contacts for each member of this type.

Collect Employment Information will prompt you for each member's occupation and employer name.

Collect Vehicle Information will allow you to enter make/model, license plate, insurance, seat belts and trailer hitch.

Boat Photo and Description allows each member to upload a photo of their boat and enter descriptive information.

Collect Youth Information controls whether you can enter school and grade.

Collect Swimming Level/Test will prompt you for the date of the last swimming test and the level achieved.

Scouting Age Level will allow you to select the age group for each member of this type.

Den Number let you enter a den number for each member of this type.

Last Affirmation Date lets you enter a date that represents the last time this member signed a document agreeing to the group's policies.

Shirt Size lets you enter the shirt size for members of this type.