Configure the Payment Collector

The Payment Collector is a special module within TroopWebHostCS that allows your Treasurer to quickly collect money from members at meetings.  It is optimized for touch sensitive screens on smart phones and tablets.  It allows you to accept cash and checks, as well as credit card payments if you have configured your site to use Square.

Before you can use the Payment Collector, you'll need to do two things:

To complete the first step, please go to Site Configuration → Payment Collector.

The parameters on this page only affect cash and check payments.  Credit card payments will use the Square configuration settings.

Choose the Transaction Type for In-Person Deposits that the system should use for each cash or check deposit transaction that will be generated by the Payment Collector.

Choose the Group Account To Credit For In-Person Deposits that represents the bank account where you will be depositing cash and checks received from members.

If the transaction type you selected requires a fund, you will also be prompted for the fund to be used on these transactions.

Click Save to save your settings.