Export Cub Scout Achievements for Internet Advancement 2.0

Internet Advancement 2.0 allows Cub Scout packs to electronically transfer their scouts' achievements to the BSA's system of record.

Your TroopWebHostCS site can create a file containing your scouts' recent advancement in a format that is compatible with Internet Advancement 2.0.

To create the file, please select Export to Internet Advancement 2.0 from the Cub Scouts menu.

This function will export all adventures and badges that have been earned but not yet marked as awarded.

Before using this function, make sure the names and membership ID for all of your scouts in TroopWebHost exactly match those same values in the BSA's database.

Click the Continue button to produce the file.  Please wait patiently, as it may take a few moments.

Click on the link shown above to save the file to your local drive.  Please remember where you saved it so you can upload it to the Internet Advancement 2.0 page.