Getting Started - Frequently Asked Questions

Our group has our own URL.   Why doesn't that show up in my browser's address line?

Let's suppose your group owns the URL   You can tell the world - and especially the members of your group - to use this URL to get to your site.   This will help everyone because it is so easy to remember.

However, once you arrive at your site, if you look at your browser's address line, you will see something like this:

We redirected your browser to this location because that is where the TroopWebHostCS software is installed.    Otherwise, we would have to install a separate copy of the software for each group, which would cause it to run more slowly and would make it difficult for us to roll out new versions.

This is also where our SSL certificate is installed, which provides your group with safe, secure communications whenever you access your site.

I'm really in a hurry to get started.  I could do this much faster by myself.  Why do I have to involve the other leaders?

By involving the other leaders in setting up the site you spread the work, but more importantly you gain their commitment to using the site on an on-going basis.

Don't assume that "if you build it, they will come."  Getting the other members of your group to use the site may be one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome.