Sometimes you need to get information out to everyone in your troop.  That's what Announcements are all about!

Announcements can be displayed in any or all of the following locations:

Each announcement has a starting date and an ending date.  An announcement will only be displayed during that period.

To create an announcement go to Home → Add & Update Announcements, then click the Add An Item button to bring up a page like this:

The Title will be displayed as a heading in bold-face characters and the Text in regular characters.

You can format the text using the buttons in the text editor.  You can drag and drop images into the announcement the same way you add photos to the Home page.

The Start Date is when you want the system to begin displaying this announcement; the End Date is when you want it to stop.

You can control where the announcement appears by checking or unchecking these options:

The order in which announcements appear is controlled by the Start Date, as follows:

This is how this announcement might be displayed on the Home page.