E-Mail Relay Addresses

You don't have to be logged on to your TroopWebHostCS site to send a message to members of your pack.

E-mail Relay Addresses can be used from any e-mail client to send messages to all active members of the pack, or to the members of any dynamic subgroup.

This feature can only be used by members of your pack, and only from e-mail accounts that are currently listed on their membership record.  Moreover, the sender's e-mail account must pass DKIM authentication to allow the message to be relayed.  These restrictions are essential to preventing these addresses from being used by spammers.

There are two types of e-mail relays:

Do not distribute these e-mail relay addresses to people who are not members of your pack, as they will not work for anyone whose e-mail address is not associated with a pack member.  So, for example, do not give these addresses to your BSA district office or to your charter organization, as they will not work for them.

Messages send via E-Mail Relay Addresses are not logged by TroopWebHostCS and will not be displayed in your In Box or Out Box.