Accepting On-Line Payments

TroopWebHostCS allows you to configure your site to accept on-line payments from scouts and their parents.  Your members can initiate these payments from the On-Line Payments page.  Once they complete a payment it will be automatically posted to their account.

TroopWebHostCS currently supports two on-line payment vendors:


If you like, you can offer both options to your users, and let them decide which they prefer.  Or you can keep it simple and just choose whichever vendor you are most comfortable with.

You will need to set up an account with each vendor before you can accept payments using their service.  This will be done on that vendor's website, and will involve providing them the bank routing information for your troop's checking account where you plan to deposit the funds.

The benefits of using Square include:


The benefits of using PayPal include:


Setting up your site to use PayPal is a bit more complicated than Square, but we will walk you through the process in the next few pages.

Square is a bit easier to configure, which you can learn about here.