Cub Scouts
TroopWebHostCS has special features to support Cub Scout packs.  These capabilities are automatically installed when you order your site from

These features are only available to users whose user IDs are authorized for the pre-defined "Cub Scout Advancement" user role, or who have another user role that is authorized for the "Maintain Cub Scout Advancement" task.

Update Cub Scout Age Levels lets you assign each scout to his current age level: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos.

Adventures & Badges makes it easy to track each den's achievements.

You can track other achievements from the Special Awards page.

When it is time to recognize those achievements, the Pending Awards page and the Pending Award Counts report will help you acquire and distribute your badges, belt loops and pins.

You can transfer your advancement data to the BSA (and Scoutbook) electronically using the Export Cub Scout Achievements for Internet Advancement 2.0 page.

Then you can Set Award Dates on those achievements so they won't show up the next time around.