Taking It To The Group

The last section of your Startup Checklist is entitled Roll Out.   This is when you get the rest of your group involved with using your new website.

Schedule time at a group meeting to make a presentation about the website.

If it is possible to have a video projection system and web connection, display your site and demonstrate how it works.   If not, bring handouts that provide the basics on how to get started.

Be sure to point out:

Ongoing Operation

Now you need to be sure you have a plan for keeping all of the information on your site up to date.

Meet with other leaders and group members to review roles and responsibilities.

Consider dividing tasks between members with specific roles. You might, for instance, have one user assigned to update the calendar, while another is responsible for uploading photos.

Make sure that everyone knows how to perform their tasks and how to consult the user guide. It is particularly important that your treasurer understands how to use the online accounting system.

Above all, be sure to spread the load.   Managing your group can be easy if everyone does their part!